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Salient Grammar

This fast-paced, 1.5-day seminar is designed to help people in business accomplish two objectives:

  • Acquire the skills that underlie effective writing & editing. An understanding of sentence mechanics can mean the difference between a reading experience that's difficult and irritating and one that's effortless and pleasurable. For this reason, at many of our client companies, Salient Grammar is a prerequisite for Salient writing training—even for audiences of professional writers and editors.
  • Handle all writing in a professional manner. Nothing undermines the reading experience like errors of grammar, usage, or punctuation. Equally important is the effect on the credibility of both the writer and the company he or she works for.

A closer look

Salient Grammar throws out academic approaches to the subject and starts with a clean slate, addressing the rules and principles that people in business actually need to know.

Key features of the program:

  • Engaging delivery. The seminar uses team competition—in the form of a grammar game show—to challenge employees and keep them engaged.
  • Off-the-shelf & customized. This program can be customized to support your corporate or divisional style guide. It can also be tailored to address usage issues that routinely crop up in your industry.
  • (Optional) Easy-to-use reference. We recommend that each participant receive a copy of the trade paperback Grammar for Smart People—one of the most practical and easy-to-use reference guides in the market today.

Bringing the seminar to your company

Our standard seminar accommodates up to 20 employees in a 1.5-day session. All we need:

  • a training room with whiteboard or flipcharts;
  • writing surfaces (tables or desks) for the participants.

Our fees. Our fee includes all training workbooks and reference materials, plus shipping to your location—everything, in short, but our trainer's travel expenses.

Next steps

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Course description

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